Because of rising interest rates, and the expiration of the fixed interest portion of newer adjustable-rate mortgages, we expect foreclosures to rise sharply over the coming months and years. For anyone interested in investing in real estate at good prices, the foreclosure market is definitely something to investigate.

The banks, courts, and the US Government are not interested in owning tax-forfeited real estate. They do not want to maintain, upkeep, or use the houses, buildings, raw land and other property seized from or forfeited by delinquent debtors, so they dispose of the real estate and property at auction, with bidders sometimes paying less than the actual market value of the property.

The photos and property descriptions here will give an example of the types of property often available at auctions. These photos and descriptions are of property from past auctions (including forfeited, surplus, seized, and other), so these exact items are not available now. However, from looking at these photos and descriptions you can get an idea of the types of items that come up for sale at the auctions. The inventory of vehicles at the auctions changes often, so it's a good idea to check the auction listings regularly.

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5,374 sq. ft. home
with 3-car garage.

21 acres of woodlands
near town; pristine.

Single-family home with
large swimming pool.

If you or a family member needs a house, apartment building, condominium, office building, strip mall, movie theater, or raw land, here is your opportunity to purchase real estate at great prices.

Sometimes in these auctions you might be the only bidder, so remember to start your bidding as low as possible.

In our Members' Area we provide you with immediate access to our directory of Forfeited Property auction listings and the friendly banks and government programs in charge of disposing of Forfeited Property.

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BONUS AUCTIONS: Included with your membership to our site are links to government seized property auctions and other auctions in all 50 States for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats.

2002 Subaru Impreza
WRX, 18,397 mi.

2002 Honda Rebel
2 Cyl. Std. Motorcycle

1987 Sea Ray
Model 250. 28’ boat


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The pictures and property descriptions on this page are for example purposes only. The items pictured and described on this page are from past auctions, and are not available for sale at this time. We have hundreds of auctions listed in the Members' Area, so you may find many items in the auctions listed in our Members' Area.

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